I'm a supernatural. For the right price, I will grant the wish of whoever summons me.
— Tsukasa, Chapter 20, Volume 4

Yugi Tsukasa (柚木つかさ Yugi Tsukasa?) is a ghost haunting Kamome Academy. He is the younger twin brother of Yugi Amane. He currently resides in the school's Broadcasting Club room with its members Sakura and Natsuhiko.


Tsukasa is a short boy with matted, choppy black hair and big amber eyes. He looks nearly identical to his older twin brother, Hanako, appearance-wise, but his eye pupils are always constricted and he has two small fang-shaped teeth.

In his first appearance, he wore an identical gakuran uniform and hat to Hanako, purposefully matching his clothes. After this, his outfit changes to a Shosei-styled uniform. Tsukasa wears a white Western shirt with a black kimono over top, a grey hakama, black shoes, red ankle-height socks, and a hat, similar to Hanako's. Tsukasa commands 2 koku-joudai, similar to Hanako's, except they are black instead of white, and with pink and blue circle markings respectively.

On his right cheek is a black yorishiro seal, with 封 (seal) written in red. This implies Tsukasa is a yorishiro like Sumire, and is most likely Amane's yorishiro.

Human Appearance

As a human, he wears Kamome Academy's old uniform - a white short-sleeved button-up shirt with black pants.

Young Appearance

As a child, he was identical to his twin brother, Amane from head to toe. This also included the clothes they wore except for several occasions like the Tanabata festival. When they were watching a movie of Frankenstein, which was the movie that Tsukasa mentioned in Chapter 34 about an artificial human, the two were sitting side-by-side in white short-sleeved shirts and dark brown overalls.[1]

Festival Appearance

Although Tsukasa wasn't seen in the Star Festival arc, considering Amane commented that he had been occupied with the katanuki stand, there is another person standing beside him in the Volume 8 sleeve. His yukata contrasts Amane's since it's a paler color, and it is designed with pink, purple, and yellow patterns. The difference between their masks is that Amane wears it on the side of his head, and Tsukasa's matching mask was strung onto his back.


It is unknown what he used to be like as a human, though the young Amane has noted that during festivals, Tsukasa would play katanuki for hours to get the prize, even missing dinner for it.

Tsukasa looking at Sakura to do as he orders.

As a ghost, Tsukasa appears to be cheerful and quite immature. He genuinely adores his older brother, Amane, and will happily jump into his arms upon seeing him despite Amane's visible unease. Due to this childish demeanor, he is often treated like a little kid by Sakura, whom he is bound to by contract. However, he is capable of carrying out extreme acts of violence with no remorse. This is shown when he gleefully cuts into a puffer fish just to see what they look like on the inside, despite being warned against doing so. Emotional and enigmatic, it is unclear what motivates Tsukasa to go so far in interfering with the supernaturals at school. However, he has stated that he likes "the look on people's faces when they decide to stop holding back". He has been shown to care very little about the rules and order between supernaturals and humans, and will break the rules as he desires.

Tsukasa is rather manipulative. This is most evident when Tsukasa altered Mitsuba's rumor in order to create the monstrous "Bent-Neck Boy At The School Entrance". He was shown to be very controlling; during the Hell of Mirrors Arc he refused to back down unless someone did as he ordered.

Tsukasa seems to give little weight to the topic of his own murder, often referencing it with no hesitation. As such, he uses his death as leverage against Hanako, who is still distraught at the very mention of it. He derives happiness from seeing pain on someone's face, calling Amane's face before he killed him his "favorite expression".


Command of Koku-joudai

Tsukasa possesses two black koku-joudai, with red and blue circle patterns respectively. He is capable of using them to play a trick on others' eyes. In his first appearance, he turned one into a folded black paper crane. It is unclear if his ability to appear and disappear in thin air is related to the koku-joudai. It is assumed that his koku-joudai can perform similar tasks to Hanako's haku-joudai—fighting, searching, tagging people, etc.

Enhanced Fighting Ability

In the Hell of Mirrors Arc, Tsukasa was able to beat Number 3 in his own domain—where the representative of the mystery should be at its most powerful. It is unclear how he amassed such powerful abilities.

Sleep Induction

Tsukasa sends Nene to sleep in the Hell of Mirrors.

(Note: This is an unofficial name.)

It is shown that Hanako and Tsukasa share the same technique for sending someone to sleep, which they both do by pressing two fingers on their target's forehead. In the Hell of Mirrors Arc, Mitsuba and Nene witness Tsukasa mercilessly killing the former No.3 by slamming it onto the ground. Nene is afraid that Tsukasa, the seemingly stronger enemy, will hurt her. Tsukasa questions if she is alive and Nene answers with a yes as he places two blood-stained fingers on her forehead, sending her to sleep. As soon as Hanako and Kou arrive in the Boundary, they find Nene lying against the wall, unconscious.


  • His favorite snack is Amane.[2]
  • His latest concern is Amane.[2]
  • What he wants for Christmas is Amane.[3]
  • His preferred type is Amane.[4]
  • He wants to spend time with Amane.[citation needed]
  • He has no comment towards how he feels about lightning.[5]
  • He is still passionate about doing katanuki, even as a supernatural.[6]
  • He seems to like painting the wall with blood or ink that comes from a bug.


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