The objects chosen to be yorishiro are ones with the strongest feelings connected to them, after all.
— Tsuchigomori

Hanako explaining yorishiro in volume 2.

A divine yorishiro (依代) is the most precious possession of a school mystery.

The yorishiro acts like a battery that provides the school mystery with power and is kept in the innermost reaches of a school mystery's boundary.

It has a black seal on it and will cause the school mystery to cease function if it is taken off.

In Volume 3Hanako explains that there is a traitor in between the 7 mysteries who is changing the rumors. He then has the idea to simply erase the 7 mysteries for a while by destroying their yorishiro before they go out of control.

After Nene rips the seal off a yorishiro, she will drift to sleep and see a part of the memory that was connected to the item.

Yako's Yorishiro

The Yorishiro of No.2 CH7.png

Yako's yorishiro is a pair of scissors, presumably, the one used by Misaki, Yako's past sweetheart and the only human she trusted, to cut hair as written in the journal. After taking away the seal from Yako's yorishiro, a memory of the past was shown. The memory was of the teacher, Misaki, taking a picture in front of the temple along with the fox statue beside the gate. Misaki told everyone to look forward and smile then patted the statue and said; "You too". The fox statue was Yako.

No. 3's Yorishiro

The Yorishiro of No.3 CH32.png

No.3's yorishiro, placed on the ceiling of his mirror world.  Nene and Mitsuba were supposed to take the yorishiro off to get out of the mirror world. However, they couldn't due to Tsukasa's intervention, who murders No. 3 into pieces. The Yorishiro isn't mentioned anymore after Tsukasa kills No. 3 and feeds his heart to Mitsuba so Mitsuba could become the new No. 3 and obtain its powers. It is unclear whether the current No.3 still has the same Yorishiro or not, as it doesn't seem to have any correlation in transferring powers.

Shijima Mei's Yorishiro

The Yorishiro of No.4 CH58.png

Shijima Mei's yorishiro is her sketchbook, the same one the original Mei used to sketch the Tower. After taking away the seal from Shijima Mei's yorishiro, the Picture Perfect world shatters into glass fragments, showing glimpses of their experiences in the fake world. The sketchbook is burned into nothingness. The fabricated world ceases to exist.

Tsuchigomori's Yorishiro

The Yorishiro of No.5 CH13.png

Tsuchigomori's yorishiro was a 'lunar rock' that is connected to the only person he has ever seen who managed to change the future from how it was written in the books, Yugi Amane, Hanako's past self. After taking away the seal from Tsuchigomori's yorishiro, a memory of the past was shown. The memory was of Yugi Amane, who was being bandaged by him from his several injuries and bruises. Amane then talks about a rock he owned that fell from the sky and claimed it to be a lunar rock. Amane described the rock as his 'prized possession'. He then gave it to Tsuchigomori, despite saying that the rock made him felt like he could go anywhere. Amane then stated, "I've made up my mind now, I'm not going anywhere." He changed his future from what was written in the books, something that Tsuchigomori had never seen occur before.

Shinigami-sama's Yorishiro

The Yorishiro of No.6 CH66.png

Shinigami-sama's yorishiro is Akane Sumire, a human rather than an object, unlike the other school mysteries' yorishiros. It is located on the right side of the lower part of her neck. The memories contained within the yorishiro are currently unknown.

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