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I'll do it. I want to change back! Please, Hanako-san! Make me human again!!
— Nene making her wish to Hanako, Chapter 1

For the New Present version of the character, see Yashiro Nene

Yashiro Nene ( () (しろ) () () Yashiro Nene?) is a first-year high school student at Kamome Gakuen's High School Division. She has made a contract with Hanako and is now bound to him as his assistant.


Yashiro Fullbody2

Nene is a young girl with large magenta eyes that have orange accents. Her waist-length hair is a light cream color, which gradually fades into a soft teal green at the tips and is styled with baby bangs at her forehead. She wears two dark brown magatama hair accessories that resemble horns on the side of her head, which pulls back some of her hair. Occasionally, Nene wears other hairstyles such as braids, ponytails, and twintails.

Her hair color matches her signature nickname, which is "radish" due to her fat radish-like legs. Her ankles are drawn thicker than any other characters in the series.

Nene's Kamome Gakuen uniform consists of a cream-colored sailor dress, which reaches her knees and has a scalloped hemline. The lining of the skirt is a deep magenta while her collar, cuffs, and pockets are all brown with cream details. Her collar bow is the same color as her dress and includes brown stripes; Nene also attaches her personal skull brooch above the bow. Nene sports her regular uniform cream-and-orange uwabaki slippers but chooses to wear dark brown tights with a small half-moon pattern near the ankles instead of the usual brown knee-length stockings.

Fish Appearance

Due to a curse she received after she ingested Mermaid scales,[1] Nene turns into a betta fish whenever she comes into any contact with water. In her fish form, she has deep, round eyes and light pink scales that fade into teal on her tail and fins. She has two small brown horns that mimic her magatama and retains her ribbon with a skull brooch. Her fish form is considered to be very beautiful by the Mermaid Servants.[2]

When she's not fully turned into a fish, her body simply getting wet can cause Nene's pink fish scales to appear. The scales disappear after being dried.[3]

Festival Appearance

During the Tanabata festival with the supernaturals, Nene styles her hair up and dons a white yukata with large red floral patterns, tied with a red obi. She also wears a white cloth on her head (hitaikakushi) provided by Hanako to disguise herself from the supernaturals in the festival as to not cause trouble.[4]

Kannagi Appearance

Nene was used as a substitute for the sacrifice occurring in Sumire's village. She was dressed in a pink variation of Aoi's kannagi appearance, which has similar details between the two. She wears two dark pink flowers in her hair, a light pink coat, and a pink hakama.[5]

Young Appearance

In the beginning of the school orientation, Nene was seen to have shorter hair trimmed to her shoulders as she took a picture alongside her parents. Kamome Gakuen's middle school uniform for girls is slightly different than the high school's with longer sleeves, dark base colors, and knee-high socks with leather shoes.[6]

Possessed Appearance

While possessed by Hanako,[7] Nene retains virtually the same appearance. However, her eyes appear sharper and are similar in appearance to Hanako's eyes, as well as her hair being more straight. Nene's soul turns into a ghost while it is separated from her body

Mokke Appearance

During a dream, Nene finds that she has been turned into a Mokke. She still dons her magatama and skeleton brooch, however the other Mokkes greet her all the same as one of their kind.[8]

Reverted Appearance

When Nene was bitten by one of the Owl Guardians, it took a piece of her time off, and as a result, she was reverted back to her Middle School self. Later, after getting pecked my multiple Owl Guardians before Yugi Tsukasa saved her, she had been further reverted into her Toddler Self [9]



Nene is a very outgoing and earnest girl who seems to greatly desire the approval of her peers. She is generally kind to others, sometimes to the point of naiveté. She genuinely wants to help those around her, and is even willing to risk the dangers of associating with supernaturals in order to do so. Because she is often reliant on Hanako to protect her from dangerous supernaturals and developed a habit of calling his name when she is in need of help, Nene wants to find a way to protect Hanako and her other friends.

However, Nene is also rather insecure, particularly about her ankles and whether or not people actually like her. In addition, she is a hopeless romantic who easily falls for charming looks, which have led her to many poor experiences with men. Nene intensely desires for a boyfriend, even going through desperate measures such as attempting to call Hanako to grant her wish and recklessly using a matchmaking supernatural item she isn't familiar with. Due to her past crush expressing interest in girls with "feminine" traits, Nene worked to become adept at cooking, sewing, and gardening as an attempt to impress him.[10] She worries that she is not feminine enough to ever find a boyfriend and is afraid of heartbreak, due to her past experiences with men.


During the search for a Clock Keeper, Hanako slips into Nene's body and possesses her, causing her to emulate Hanako's mischievous personality. This "Nene" is more bold and tries to seduce Akane Aoi, much to the real Nene's dismay.[7]

Abilities and Powers

Seeing Supernaturals

Nene is able to see supernaturals, such as Hanako, without having any prior affiliation with them. This is later revealed to be a result of her being near the Far Shore, with only about a year left her in her lifespan.[11]


After ingesting the Mermaid scale, Nene's skin turns to scales whenever she is in contact with water. Additionally, she transforms into a fish if her body is completely submerged. By being bound to Hanako in a contract, she is able to stay in her human form outside of water. Occasionally, her scales will fall off and can be used as a rare currency in the supernatural world.[12]

Changing Rumors

Nene is capable of changing rumors surrounding the Kamome Gakuen supernaturals. She has done this previously with the Kodama tree, Yako, and the Mokke. This ability may be due to her kannagi status, or because she has ties to one of the Seven Mysteries.


  • Nene's favorite snack is strawberry-filled rice cakes.[13]
  • Her latest concern is that she has terrible luck with men.[13]
  • Her preferred type is tall, cool, and kind handsome guys.[14]
  • Nene wishes for a more adult-like figure.[15]
  • She plays idol-raising mobile games.[16]
  • She carries a phone similar to her style, with small horns pointing from both sides. As seen when she exchanges numbers with Hyuuga Natsuhiko, her phone is a pale pink color with a skull design on the back and horns at the side.[17]
  • The kanji in Nene's first name consists of translations to 'rather, preferably' or 'peacefulness, tranquility' (寧); and a character used to indicate the repetition of kanji (々).
  • The kanji in Nene's surname translates to 'eight' (八); and 'to inquire, fathom, or look for' (尋).
    • In JSHK-themed playing cards, two silhouettes of tsueshiros are seen on the eight of hearts. A possible reference to that part of her name as she is on the Ace, Jack, Queen, and King of Hearts.
  • Her last name, Yashiro, comes directly before Yugi in alphabetical order (as exemplified by the class roster in the Picture Perfect arc).[18]
  • She is more concerned about the fields after hearing lightning.[19]
  • She considers snowy weather to be romantic.[20]
  • Nene used to take care of several hamsters in the past, including her current one named Black Canyon. It is a male Djungarian hamster.[21]
  • In the anime, Black Canyon is replaced by a white Djungarian hamster. Referred to as White Inferno in the English dub.
  • Nene's portrayal in various media shares similarities with Nezuko Kamado from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Both share the same Japanese voice actress, Kitō Akari, and the same stage actress, Takaishi Akari. Coincidentally, both actresses also share the same first name.


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