Yamabuki Lemon (Japanese: 山吹檸檬) is a first year student at Kamome Academy's High School divison and Nene, Aoi and Akane's classmate.


Lemon has yellow eyes and blond spiky hair, which he keeps up with a black headband with yellow circles. Instead of wearing the uniform, he is often seen wearing a baseball shirt, saying "LEMON", with a picture of a lemon printed in front and on the two sleeves. He wears black pants, which he keeps cuffed, and black ankle socks.

He has earrings and wears two bracelets (red and green) on his right arm.


He is often seen playing with his phone and not caring too much about his surroundings. He takes pictures of interesting things with his phone.

He does not lose interest in his phone even when ridiculous things happen such as the academy's time jumping forward and students suddenly growing old.


  • There is a running gag about Akane having a crush on Lemon, and vice versa.
  • According to old 4komas, Lemon looks like a "bad boy" type and Aoi thinks he's cool. This leads to Akane believing Lemon must be killed.
  • Due to their last names being close together in alphabetical order, Lemon's book in the 4PM Bookstacks is directly next to Nene's book.
  • Both his first and last name is a type of yellow in Japanese, Yamabuki yellow and Lemon yellow.


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