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Current status: Low activity
Hi, I'm Rii.ul. Feel free to call me lyu.
I've been editing on FANDOM for over two years, starting with My Hero Academia Wiki. About a year ago, I started branching out to mostly animanga wikis, plus a few related to other various topics. Most of my time is now spent on Kimetsu no Yaiba Wiki.
IRL, I'm a first-year university student majoring in CS.
Timezone: PST

16:35, Mar 4, 2021




I'm currently an admin for this wiki.

I got into JSHK after seeing the anime announcement and read the manga soon after. The art style was what mainly drew me in, and I've been in love with the series ever since!
Here on the wiki, I'm mostly working on updating images with Zen, plus other formatting/organizational projects. I do plan on contributing towards article content soon.
I'm active almost daily, so feel free to send me a message on my message wall if you have any questions or concerns~
Bureaucrat Admin Editor

To-do List
  • High Priority
    • Reorganize major character image galleries
      • Divide sections
        • Anime
          • Profile
          • Teasers
          • Episodes
          • Release Notices
          • Promotional Artwork
        • Manga
          • Profile
          • Chapters
          • Chapter Covers / Color Pages
          • Volume Cover Art
          • GFantasy Covers
          • Release Notices
          • Twitter Art
          • Miscellaneous (if applicable)
        • Merchandise
          • Bonuses
          • Cafe
          • Collaborations
    • Volume pages
      • Reorganize (esp introductory description)
    • Reorganize templates
    • Improve MediaWiki:Wikia.css
      • rm !importants
      • fix infobox image sizing (set max-height)
      • special effects on front page for desktop users
      • tabbers (infobox & galleries)
        • version of "anime" tabber without underline
      • custom group themes
    • Medium Priority
      • Fix all redlinks
      • Clean up wanted / uncategorized / unused namespaces
      • Clean up & illustrate episode pages
      • Redesign episode list
      • Add bonuses for Blu-ray & DVD volumes
    • Low Priority
      • Reorganize music pages
      • Fix & fill character appearances / personality
      • Fix & fill relationship subpages
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