Outline of events shown or mentioned so far, sorted by story arcs in chronological order (instead of narrative order), including flashbacks or time jumps, and relevant content from volume extras or spinoff chapters. To maintain focus on the chronology, focus has been placed on the order of events, so note that summaries for some events may be incomplete.

Specific times given directly in canon are bolded, while estimated times are given in italics. Reference chapters are given in brackets where relevant.


[Order of events in this section is very approximate, as specific times are often not given.]

Early history

  • Minamoto Yorimitsu (948–1021) defeats the Shuten-douji (Chapter 3).
  • Young Yako meets Misaki, who is teaching at the schoolhouse (likely before the Meiji era reforms of the 19th century).
    • Nene sees the memory of their photo-taking after destroying Yako's yorishiro (Chapter 7).

Since 1950s (Amane and Tsukasa)

  • 1955: Amane and Tsukasa are born.
  • 1959: Amane finds the lunar rock when he is around 4 years old.
  • Amane and Tsukasa watch a movie together, about the attack of artificial humans (Chapter 34).
  • July 7, 1964: Amane is of elementary school age, and attends the Star Festival at Kamome 1-chome with Tsukasa, who gets occupied playing games. Meanwhile, Amane meets Nene and eats dinner with her, and Nene gives him the tags she collected at the boundary Star Festival. After Nene returns to the present, Amane writes a wish to meet her again, instead of wishing to become an astronaut like he had first intended (Chapter 38).
    • This assumes that Nene did travel back in time from the boundary Star Festival, rather than having only dreamed the event while unconscious.
  • 1968: Amane and Tsukasa enter Kamome Academy's middle school division.
    • They take their entrance ceremony photo together, holding hands (Volume 4 extra).
  • 1969: Amane is in Class 2-2, with Tsuchigomori as his form teacher (Chapter 13).
  • Amane has a career guidance session with Tsuchigomori, where Amane says that his favorite subject is Health and PE (Volume 3 extra).
  • July 18, 1969: After Apollo 11's successful launch. Amane is alone crying in the classroom that evening when Nene arrives. Nene picks up a key with a rocket keychain (that Amane drops when he runs off), but Hanako's hakujoudai brings her back to the present before she can return it.
    • Nene travels here through the classroom door after the tea party (Chapter 22).
  • July 22, 1969: The day after the moon landing, Amane gives Tsuchigomori the lunar rock in the classroom that evening.
    • Nene sees the memory after destroying Tsuchigomori's yorishiro (Chapter 13–14).
  • Amane kills Tsukasa. He dies, and eventually becomes Hanako, No.7 of the Seven Mysteries.
  • Kou's grandmother seals "Hanako-san of the Toilet" away (Chapter 3).
  • Hanako is, allegedly, told by god that his sin would be erased if he fulfils his duties (Chapter 3).

Since 1980s (Shijima Mei)

  • Unlike Amane's case, little is known about exactly when Mei was alive. The main clue is Mei's student identification card in Chapter 53, which states that she was born in the Showa era (1989 or earlier), though the number is indistinct. The following assumes that her birth year is 1983, or Showa 58.
    • This is consistent with Mei's middle school entrance ceremony photo, as the background matches Nene's rather than Amane's, suggesting that it is more recent (Chapter 44, vs Volume 4 extra).
  • 1983: Mei is born.
  • 1996: Mei enters Kamome Academy's middle school division.
  • 1999: Mei enters the high school division.
  • 2000: Mei enters her second year of high school, and picks the art course, intending to go to an art university with her parents' support.
  • 2001–2002: Mei is in Class 3-E of the high school division, but dies before her graduation (Chapter 53).
    • Mei is hospitalized with severe illness but continues to draw, painting the atelier tower for an assignment. Shijima is created when Mei imagines her alternate, healthy self within the tower.
    • During this time, Mei has a dream set in a hospital (with a room similar to hers in real life), and meets Nene and Shijima. Shijima tries to kill Mei to prevent her from finishing the tower painting, and tells Mei that she will die. Despite this, Mei chooses to leave the dream world and wake up, which also returns Nene and Shijima to the Esoragoto world (Chapter 55).
      • Shijima and Nene are transported here by Tsukasa when he fulfils Shijima's wish to meet Mei again (Chapter 52).
      • The sketchbook Mei has in the hospital eventually becomes Shijima's yorishiro (Chapter 58).
  • The tower painting is displayed in the art room along with the other students' artwork, while Shijima is there as an ordinary ghost after Mei's death. However, someone begins a rumor that Mei killed herself due to her family's opposition, causing Shijima to become No.4 of the Seven Mysteries (Chapter 54).

Since late 1990s (Nene, Kou, and the others)

Kamome Academy's school year is assumed to run from around April to March (see additional notes at end of page).

  • 17 years ago: Teru is born (Volume 2 extra).
  • 15–16 years ago: Nene, Aoi, Akane, and Lemon are born.
  • 14 years ago: Kou is born (Volume 2 extra), as are Yokoo and Satou (Chapter 23), and presumably Mitsuba.
  • Akane and Aoi live next to each other, and become childhood friends.
    • Aoi is often called out to unpopulated places by others with ill intentions, but Akane always protects her (Chapter 24).
    • Akane receives Hanitaro from Aoi a long time before canon (Chapter 29).
  • Nene liked one of her teachers in kindergarten (Chapter 7).
  • 9 years ago: Young Kou watches Teru (who is 8 years old) exorcise Supernaturals with the sword on at least two occasions (Chapter 9, 10).
  • Nene reads books on the Seven Mysteries as an elementary schooler (Chapter 10).
  • Mitsuba is teased as an elementary schooler, and decides to act more friendly in middle school (Chapter 19).
  • Nene keeps a hamster named White Inferno, who lived for 2 years and 3 months (Chapter 2).
  • 5 years ago: Minamoto Tiara is born (Volume 2 extra).
  • 5 academic years ago: Sakura enters Kamome Academy's middle school division (assuming Sakura is indeed a high school third year student as she states in Chapter 21).
  • 4 academic years ago: Teru and Natsuhiko enter the middle school division. Sakura is a second year.
  • 3 academic years ago: Nene, Aoi, Akane, and Lemon enter the middle school division. Teru is a second year while Sakura is a third year.
    • Nene has short hair, and takes her middle school entrance ceremony photo with a man and woman, presumably her parents (Volume 4 extra).
    • Nene is three minutes late on the day of her middle school entrance ceremony. Some time later, she befriends Aoi, her first friend in school (Chapter 11).
    • Nene begins to like the boy that she later confesses to (Chapter 1).
    • Nene begins keeping a one-person exchange diary in middle school (Chapter 12).
    • On the day of their middle school entrance ceremony, Akane becomes one of the Clock Keepers on a six-year contract, in order to save Aoi from an accident. Akane gets the pocket watch, and later finds out that the entire incident was staged by the other Clock Keepers (Chapter 25).
  • 2 academic years ago: Kou, Mitsuba, Yokoo, and Satou enter the middle school division, and are in the same class for one year. Nene is a second year. Teru is a third year. Sakura enters her first year of the high school division.
    • Kou takes his entrance ceremony photo with Teru and Tiara, and already has the spirit staff. Mitsuba takes his with his mother (Volume 4 extra).
    • Mitsuba introduces himself to Kou on the first day of school, since Mitsuba is seated in front of him (Chapter 18).
    • Kou hears rumors' warning about looking into the mirror as a guilty person, around the time he started school (Chapter 31).
    • Mitsuba joins the photography club, and wins many awards (Chapter 30).
  • Previous academic year: Kou and Mitsuba are their second year, but in different classes (Chapter 18). Nene is a third year. Teru enters his first year of the high school division. Sakura is in her second year of high school.
    • May 1 to July 1, previous calendar year: Mitsuba takes photographs for the gardening club, which Nene and Aoi are members of. Nene has slightly shorter hair, and wears the middle school uniform (Chapter 30).
    • July 7, last year: Yako attends the boundary's Star Festival in human form (Chapter 37).
    • Winter, current calendar year: Mitsuba dies in an accident, and eventually becomes a ghost. His camera is donated and kept in the photography club room (Chapter 18).
  • Current academic year: Kou is in third year, Class 3-1, with Tsuchigomori as his form teacher. Nene enters first year of the high school division, Class 1-A, along with Akane who is the Student Union vice president. Teru is in second year of high school, and is the Student Union president. Natsuhiko is also in second year, Class 2-B (Chapter 21).
    • In his attempts to win Aoi's heart, Akane becomes the best student of their year, becomes vice president of the Student Union, and does strength training, although all his confessions to Aoi fail (Chapter 24).
    • Teru made the special glasses for Akane after Akane entered the Student Union (Chapter 29).
    • One month ago: Nene confesses to the boy she liked since starting middle school, and gets rejected. She appears to be wearing the winter uniform since her dress has long sleeves (Chapter 1).
    • Nene writes about Teru in her one-person exchange diary after a school-wide Student Union assembly (Chapter 12).
    • Teru helps to pick up Nene's pencil case (Chapter 1).

Hanako-san of the Toilet (Chapter 1) 

  • Nene summons Hanako.
    • Hanako is aware of Nene's short lifespan from here on, as Nene would not have been close enough to the far shore to summon him otherwise (Chapter 27).
  • The next day: Teru finds the summer vegetables Nene left on his desk.

The Faeries (Chapter 2) 

  • Preceding events:
    • Fuji and Nene have their first (paperwork) date.
    • The Faerie rumors begins, suggesting that Sakura has already made her bond with Tsukasa by this point, if not earlier.
  • At the beginning of the chapter, a week has passed since Nene became Hanako's assistant, and Fuji has invited her on a second date after school that day.
  • The next day: Nene encounters the Faerie and Hanako defeats it. Nene meets the Mokke.
  • Nene changes the Faerie rumor so no one gets hurt while Kou looks for Hanako.

The Boy Exorcist (Chapter 3) 

  • The premiere date of the movie (in the magazine Hanako and Nene are reading) is shown as June 25.

The Misaki Stairs Arc (Chapters 4–7) 

  • Aoi and Nene are taking care of the classroom plants when Aoi leaves for her career guidance meeting.
  • The next day: Aoi disappears, and Lemon is now the one in charge of the plants for the summer. Natsuhiko slips a black swan into Nene's pocket when she runs into him. Hanako, Nene, and Kou enter the Misaki Stairs that evening. Nene destroys Yako's yorishiro and sees her memory with Misaki. After her defeat, Yako says that Kou and the missing students will return to normal by the next morning. Meanwhile, the black swan returns to Natsuhiko, and reveals itself to be a kokujoudai when they meet up with Sakura.

The Confession Tree (Chapter 8) 

  • At the beginning of the chapter, Nene says that it is almost a month since she met Hanako. That evening, Hanako asks her to meet him at the Confession Tree after school the next day.
  • The next day: Hanako defeats the Confession Tree.
    • Nene writes a poem after seeing Hanako without his cap for the first time (Chapter 11).
    • The new rumors for the kodama and Misaki Stairs have not yet been decided by this point, but are set by the Searching Arc (Chapter 28–29).

The Young Exorcist Arc (Chapters 9–10)

  • A Mokke steals Kou's earring. Teru talks to Kou about exorcising the Seven Mysteries.
  • The next day: Kou skips class to tail Hanako, and they retrieve his earring. Teru attacks Hanako, but Kou defends him. Meanwhile, Nene researches about Hanako in the library, and meets Sakura.

The 4PM Bookstacks Arc (Chapters 11–14) 

  • This arc continues directly from the end of Chapter 10.
  • The next day: Nene and Kou enter the 4PM Bookstacks. Nene reads her book, which mentions several future events – her first date and subsequent breakup, and learning about No.7's true identity. Nene destroys Tsuchigomori's yorishiro and sees his memory with Amane. She wakes up in the infirmary later that night. Tsuchigomori leaves, and Hanako talks to him afterwards.
    • When Aoi is telling Nene about the rumor, the date June 13 is visibly written on the blackboard (though this may be the previous day's date as they are erasing the blackboard).
  • Nene now has a 3-month old hamster named Black Canyon.

The Donuts (Chapter 15) 

  • At the beginning of the chapter, Hanako observes (and Nene herself agrees) that Nene has been acting weirdly since the 4PM Bookstacks Arc, though it is not specified how much time has passed.
  • Likely the next day: Kou excuses them from toilet cleaning, much to Hanako's dismay. Kou and Teru try to make donuts in the home economics room (which Kou had requested permission to use from Tsuchigomori), using ingredients that Teru bought. Kou then comes to find Nene in the practice garden after school, and they make donuts while she tells Kou about what she saw in the 4PM Bookstacks. After Nene leaves with the donuts for Hanako, a grey Mokke sneaks out of the room to meet up with Sakura and Natsuhiko. Nene gives Hanako the donuts on the old school building rooftop, and tells Hanako that she likes him as a friend. However, Hanako's reply is cut off by the appearance of the black swan kokujoudai and Tsukasa.
    • This seems to be Hanako and Tsukasa's first meeting ever since Amane killed him.

The Little Mermaid Arc (Chapters 16–17) 

  • This arc continues directly from the end of Chapter 15. Nene forces Tsukasa to leave. Hanako pushes Nene down, and runs away afterwards. The fishes observe Nene, saying that they have found her.
    • Since Tsukasa spots the fishes and hears them talking, it seems that either the fishes arrived earlier, or Tsukasa is still able to perceive his surroundings even after apparently disappearing.
  • Several days later: During lunch break in the classroom, Nene meets the fishes for the first time. Nene runs out of the classroom, and talks to the fishes near the tower where the Mokkes hid Kou's earring. The fishes give her the mermaid's blood, and say they will return to receive her tomorrow.
    • Hanako is hiding in the science preparation room when Nene goes to Tsuchigomori for advice. Nene says that she hasn't been able to meet Hanako recently.
  • The next day: The fishes come to receive Nene with an entourage. Nene rejects them, but they pull her into the water anyway. Hanako fishes her out. Nene forgives him for the donut incident, and Hanako thanks her for saying that she likes him (the first time he's being told this by a girl). He promises to tell her everything someday.
    • Tsukasa returns to the broadcasting room, where Sakura and Natsuhiko are. Sakura spreads a new rumor, while the fishes appear in the broadcasting room. Natushiko catches the pufferfish, and Tsukasa kills it.
    • The pufferfish had heard from the Mermaid that the rumors of Supernaturals on the near shore have been meddled with recently.
    • Given the subsequent arc, it seems likely that the rumor spread here is about Mitsuba, suggesting that Mitsuba has already made his wish to Tsukasa by this point: that he doesn't want to end just like this, and wants to stay in everyone's memories (Chapter 20).

Mitsuba Arc (Chapters 18–20)

  • After school, Yokoo tells Kou about the recent rumors about the entrance hall. Kou catches Mitsuba and brings him to the toilet, where Hanako and Nene are. Hanako tells him to settle Mitsuba's unfinished business. Kou promises to accompany Mitsuba until he finds the photograph that he'd wanted to take before dying. Yokoo finds Kou holding Mitsuba's camera, and tells him about Mitsuba being their classmate. It begins raining, and they go back indoors. Mitsuba asks Kou to accompany him until he develops the photos tomorrow, but Tsukasa interrupts. At Tsukasa's instruction, Sakura spreads the new rumor of Mitsuba with a broken neck. As the price for fulfilling Mitsuba's wish, Tsukasa takes a part of Mitsuba's soul: his sense of reason. Meanwhile, Hanako, Nene, and the Mokke play hanafuda in the toilet, until Hanako is informed by the hakujoudai about the rumor and rushes over to intervene. He cuts Mitsuba down and confronts Tsukasa (who says that they just met on the rooftop recently).
    • When Mitsuba disappears, Kou sees a version of their first meeting, though it may not be a memory since it differs from his previous recollection.
    • Kou keeps Mitsuba's damaged camera, and develops the photos he'd taken.
    • Tsukasa later builds a spirit body from low-grade spirits and adds the part of Mitsuba's soul, creating the version of Mitsuba that Nene encounters in the Mirror Hell (Chapter 34).
  • By the time Kou is looking through the photos in his room at night, he has a bandage on his forehead, presumably from his injury when Tsukasa slammed him into the floor.
    • Kou still has a bandage on his forehead and around his hands during the subsequent arcs, until after the Mirror Hell arc.
  • The fishes hold a funeral for the pufferfish at night.
  • Nene is playing her idol-raising game in her classroom when Natsuhiko arrives.

The Tea Party Arc (Chapters 21–22) 

  • This arc continues directly from the end of Chapter 20. Nene follows Natsuhiko away from her classroom, and is turned into a fish by Tsukasa. Nene wakes up at the tea party in the boundary. Sakura introduces herself as a third year from the high school division.
  • 30 minutes later: Nene is still having the tea party with Sakura. Tsukasa and Sakura leave, trapping Nene and Natsuhiko in the chairs. The room sinks, and they end up in a space with many doors. Hanako gives Nene instructions through a radio, from an old-fashioned crank telephone in the toilet. He sends one of the hakujoudai to search for Nene while she looks for a familiar door. Natsuhiko apparently dies after being dragged through one of the doors. Nene finds a classroom door from the old school building, and is transported to July 18, 1969 where she meets Amane. The hakujoudai then finds her and brings her back to the toilet in the present day.
    • Natsuhiko later refers to this place as the "space between boundaries" (境界の狭間) after he returns (Chapter 35).
    • Nene still has the rocket keychain Amane dropped after she returns to the future.

The Three Clock Keepers Arc (Chapters 23–27) 

  • Preceding events without known time:
    • Hanako meets the Clock Keepers for the first time (presumably before their recruitment of Akane), and they refuse to meet him afterwards or tell him the location of their boundary. Hanako and Akane hear about each other before their first meeting.
    • Teru tells Kou about Akane (who has apparently failed in his love confessions 3624 times) while eating at home with Tiara.
    • Nene's hamster, Black Canyon, has escaped at least once.
      • It is still listed to be 3 months old (same as Chapter 12). If this is accurate, it implies that less than a month has passed since the 4PM Bookstacks Arc.
    • Aoi has already found the arms in the gardening club photographs of Nene. Akane later says that Aoi seems to have been worried over something recently, so it may have been some time since her initial discovery.
      • Assuming that the arms only appeared after Mitsuba asked them to bring someone who is able to help him (Chapter 31), he may already have been in the Mirror Hell by this point.
  • The main events of this arc all occur within the same day, although they are undone when Kako turns back the school's time to that morning (before Mirai's escape).
    • Nene's classroom changed when they returned from the biology lab (it was normal until third period), while Yokoo and Satou were aged by the end of fourth period.
  • Akane uses his powers thrice: first in the hall to freeze the chandelier and Kou in the great hall, then to freeze Kou's lightning cage, and finally to freeze Kou when Kako turns back time.
  • Mirai is unable to turn Nene's time forward, meaning that Nene has less than a year of lifespan left.
  • After Kako turns back time, the original events are forgotten by everyone except the Supernaturals (apparently including Akane), Teru (presumably as a human with high spiritual power), Kou (whose time was stopped by Akane during the reversal), and Nene.
    • Nene is holding a biology book, suggesting that her conversation with Kou and Akane occurs before or after the biology lab she mentioned in the original timeline.
    • Teru drags Akane off to the Student Union room while Kou goes after him, leaving Nene alone. She decides to ask Hanako about No.1's yorishiro when she sees him after school.
    • Meanwhile, Hanako is on the old school building's rooftop.

Searching Arc (Chapters 28–29) 

  • According to Akane, the events of this chapter occur on the same day as Mirai's rampage.
  • Many characters appear in this arc, each taking different but related actions as listed below:
    • Akane has been bowing for about one hour ever since entering the Student Union room, possibly since Teru dragged him away in the previous arc.
    • Hanako goes to the science preparation room, followed by the practice garden, then returns to the school building and goes up to the new building's rooftop. Nene finds Hanako here and kisses him on the cheek. Hanako then leaves after Kou arrives.
    • During the lunch break, Kou and Teru (along with many others) gather insects. Kou arrives at the science preparation room (right after Hanako leaves) to give Tsuchigomori the insects. After Nene leaves, Tsuchigomori shows Kou Nene's future for today: Nene will kiss Hanako for the first time. Kou tries to prevent it, but is too late, since he arrives at the rooftop after Nene does.
      • A meeting schedule for June and July is visible in one frame.
    • Yako sees Hanako enter the science preparation room. She then goes to the toilet to complain to Nene about the new Misaki Stairs rumor. She follows Nene on her search until the practice garden.
    • Nene finds the love letter in her desk after returning from lunch break. After school, she looks for Hanako in the toilet, where she meets Yako. Nene goes to the science preparation room with Yako, where they meet Kou and Tsuchigomori. Nene and Yako then goes to the practice garden, where she meets Aoi (who is doing her gardening club activities) and the kodama (who has a new rumor). Alone, Nene goes to the Student Union room where she meets Akane and Teru. Finally, she goes to the rooftop where she finds Hanako, before Kou arrives..
      • Aoi asks to talk to Nene tomorrow or someday, and has told her about the spirit photography during a gardening club session by the start of Chapter 30.

Reach Out Your Hand (Chapter 30) 

  • Tsukasa is shown in a room with a mirror, possibly talking to Mitsuba.
  • The spirit arms have been appearing around Nene ever since she saw the photographs, though it's not specified how much time has passed. After she tells Hanako and Kou, the arms also appear in the toilet. They manage to make most of the arms disappear by paying attention to them, removing them from the photographs as well, but the last arm drags Nene in through the mirror. Nene lands in a boundary (also with a row of sinks and mirrors), and Mitsuba appears in the middle school uniform.
    • It's later shown that Mitsuba had been watching Nene, Hanako, and Kou from the mirror boundary (Chapter 34).

The Hell of Mirrors Arc (Chapter 31–35) 

  • The arc continues directly from the end of Chapter 30. Mitsuba appears to have been trapped in the Mirror Hell boundary for a while. The mirrors have been blank for him since he arrived, whether due to being a ghost or his lack of memories (although he seems to have some impression of the name Hanako). Tsukasa saves them from No.3's attack, before killing it and attempting to feed Mitsuba its heart. He puts Nene to sleep when she tries to stop him.
    • Mitsuba asked the hands to bring someone who can help him, though it's not specified when he did this.
    • Nene states that this is her fourth time in a boundary. Presumably, her previous experiences were the Misaki Stairs, the 4PM Bookstacks, and the Tea Party Arc.
  • At the same time, Hanako and Kou search for a way to cross to No.3's boundary. They ask for Tsuchigomori's help about 2 hours after Nene's disappearance, and reach the boundary with Yako's help via the Misaki Stairs. They arrive in the Mirror Hell boundary and find Nene asleep, while Mitsuba becomes the new No.3. After several confrontations, Mitsuba sends Nene, Hanako, and Kou back through the mirrors, and they land in the bathroom, all asleep.
    • Right after returning from the Mirror Hell, Kou tells Hanako and Nene about Mitsuba, saying that he'll do something about it (Chapter 36).
  • Meanwhile, Natsuhiko returns, having taken quite some time to get back since the Tea Party Arc. When he arrives in the broadcasting room, Tsukasa and Mitsuba (in their middle school uniform) are already there with Sakura.

Something to be Delivered (Chapter 36) 

  • Three days later: At the beginning of the chapter, Nene is in her home at night, and says that it has been three days since they were sent out of the Mirror Hell boundary.
  • Likely the next day: In the morning, Hanako appears in Nene's classroom during history class. He is still around during home economics in 3rd to 4th period, when Akane comes to talk to Nene. It seems to be later on the same day when the Mokke deliver the cupcakes Nene made and the summer festival poster.
    • Although no dates are specified, summer festivals are most often held in July or August, and this festival may be during Tanabata, since Tanabata tanzaku or wish-writing is listed as an activity.
    • The poster states that this is the 57th festival. Since summer festivals are held annually, and assuming it is mid/late-2010s in canon time, this suggests that the festival first started in the late 1950s or early 1960s.

The Summer Light Arc (Chapter 37–38) 

  • July 7 (Tanabata): Yako, Hanako, Nene, and Kou gather at the Misaki Stairs at night to go to the Star Festival at the boundary. Towards the end of festival, Nene is seemingly transported to the 1964 Star Festival after being knocked down by the bull procession. The fireworks have ended by the time she wakes up.
    • Nene refers to 1964 as being more than 50 years ago, implying that the current year is 2015 or later.
    • It's unclear whether Nene actually travelled to 1964, since Yako says that Nene has been unconscious since being knocked down, and Nene also wonders if it was a dream.

Mokke of the Dead (Chapter 39) 

  • Several days earlier: Tiara finds the infected wild Mokke and asks Teru to cleanse it.
  • At night: Teru tries to purify the Mokke in school before bringing it home, but it escapes.
  • Likely the next day: Hanako and the other Mokke are infected by the time Nene arrives after school. The incident is resolved by that night. Teru (carrying the purified Mokke) and Kou walk home together.
    • The events of Chapter 13 from the Spin-off follow directly afterwards, on the same night.

Melancholy of the New Number Three (Chapter 40)

  • The next day: Kou tests the recovered Yokoo and Satou by checking if they still want to eat sweets. He wonders how Mitsuba is doing.
  • Meanwhile, Mitsuba says that he has only met Tsukasa and the rest for a short time. After running away from the broadcasting room, Mitsuba encounters various other Supernaturals and Teru, before being rescued by Natsuhiko. It's revealed that Sakura and the others have organized a welcome party for Mitsuba, while Tsukasa has brought No.4 for him.
    • Prior to this, Tsukasa comes to find Shijima in the art room, and asks her to make a painting. Shijima draws a clone of herself and tells Tsukasa to talk to the clone instead (presumably the version of Shijima that is at Mitsuba's welcome party). It is not explicitly stated when this occurs, but it must be after the Mirror Hell Arc, as Shijima has heard about what happened to No.3 by this point (Chapter 54).

Esoragoto Arc (Chapter 41–58)

Within the Esoragoto world

As most of this arc takes place in a false world within one of Shijima's paintings, there are major differences from the main timeline.

  • Amane and Tsukasa are alive, and in the same year as Nene. Amane sits behind Nene in class, while Tsukasa is in the next-door class.
    • Amane addresses Nene as "Yashiro-san", rather than just "Yashiro" as Hanako does.
  • Mitsuba is also alive, and in Kou's class. According to Yokoo and Satou, they have been friends with Mitsuba since first year, though he was in a different class during their second year.
    • The accident in the winter (that would've killed Mitsuba) seems to not have occurred.
  • Nene does not have the mermaid's curse.
  • The rumor of No.4, "Shijima-san of the Art Room", is known within the world, though it's not stated if the rumors of the rest of the Seven Mysteries are known as well. Similarly, it is not stated whether Akane is one of the Clock Keepers in this world, though he still wears glasses (which may just be normal glasses).
  • In addition, the Mokke are kept as pets, Teru is not an exorcist, Yako and Misaki are both alive and married, and Tsuchigomori is presumably a regular person (Volume 9 extra).
  • The atelier tower (Shijima's museum) is in Kamome Academy. According to the others, it has been there since they started school, and is always under construction, though it seems that it will be finished soon.

Although the world seems to have begun only on this day, past events are referred to within its chronology, such as Akane bringing Amane a book he previously said he wanted to read, or Nene and the rest having volunteered for the pool cleaning previously.

The main events of the arc appear to all occur within one day during summer, although Shijima also appears to control the passage of time within the false world as well.

  • In the morning, Nene is almost late to class, and sees Amane (who already has the pair of movie tickets at this point). They have literature class, and later PE in fourth period. During lunch break, Amane asks Nene out to watch a movie together on Sunday.
    • During literature class, Amane is shown reading aloud from the short story Takasebune, which was published in January 1916.
    • One of the scenes shown later (when Nene destroys Shijima's yorishiro) depicts Amane, Nene, and Aoi having lunch together, which presumably occurred on this day.
  • The same morning, Kou comes to school earlier than usual to do his class duties, but Mitsuba is already there. Yokoo and Satou then arrive. They have math in first period, and later chemistry lab, where Mitsuba is injured in a minor explosion. Kou treats his cut and brings him to the infirmary.
  • After school, Nene and Kou meet during the pool cleaning, and see Shijima drawing in the garden. Aoi and Akane fall apart when Shijima cuts up their paintings, but the others say that they'll be back to normal in 20 to 30 minutes. Mitsuba accidentally lets slip that this is a fake world. Nene and Kou chase and finally corner Mitsuba, who tells them to go to the tower.
  • In the tower, Nene and Kou meet Shijima, while Natsuhiko and Sakura watch. Meanwhile, Akane and Aoi are back to normal, and make cookies with Mitsuba, Yokoo, and Satou.
    • It is later revealed that this Shijima is actually also one of the clones, as the real Shijima has been drawing in the real world all along.
  • By the time Nene and Kou leave the tower, it is night-time, and the students are gathering on the rooftop to watch the Perseids meteor shower. Kou runs after Mitsuba, leaving Nene with Amane. They then meet Tsukasa. Nene returns to the classroom to change, and the three go up to the rooftop together.
  • Nene finds Amane alone atop the rooftop stair access, and asks him to run to the real world with her as the meteor shower starts. Attempting to find the edge of the world, they leave the school on Amane's bicycle, but Nene sees Shijima everywhere. They end up at a playground. The floating brush appears, but Amane breaks it apart before it can tell Nene about the door. Amane then renders Nene unconscious and carries her back to school. However, Nene wakes up along the way, and hears the subsequent conversation.
  • Meanwhile, Mitsuba and Kou are inside the school building when the meteor shower begins (which will last for 1–2 hours, according to Mitsuba). Mitsuba uses his powers as No.3, and their confrontation ends with them both falling to the bushes below. Mitsuba hides as Amane arrives with Nene on his back, but accidentally gives himself away, causing Amane to reveal himself to be Hanako. Hanako leaves with Nene, despite Mitsuba's attempt to stop him.
  • Hanako locks Nene in a cell within Shijima's tower and leaves. While he talks to Shijima outside, Nene finds art tools in the cell, including the palette knife which she uses to threaten Shijima afterwards to no avail. However, during their conversation, Shijima wishes to meet Mei again, causing Tsukasa to appear in his form as a supernatural. In order to fulfil Shijima's wish, Tsukasa sends Shijima and Nene into Mei's dream, set in a hospital.
  • Meanwhile, Kou and Mitsuba encounter the brush, and it leads them to Nene. They tie Shijima up once she returns, and Mitsuba wakes Nene up. Shijima says that they need to prioritize leaving the world before it completes. After the brush reveals the existence of a door, Shijima leads them up the tower, and reveals that the exit is the moon.
    • Nene apparently makes a plan at this time, and Shijima removes the seal on Kou's spirit staff.
    • The meteor shower still appears to be ongoing, suggesting that less than 2 hours have passed in the Esoragoto world.
  • Hanako is at the top of the tower. Nene executes her plan: Kou fights Hanako with Shijima's assistance while Nene and Mitsuba sneak away to figure out a way to the moon. Nene asks the brush for a pumpkin carriage, but ends up with a flying bicycle. Meanwhile, Kou is exhausted from fighting, and Hanako notes that the world is about to complete, but Mitsuba then tosses the three of them into the rear car. However, Hanako disconnects the bicycle before they can reach the moon, causing him and Nene to fall onto a cloud. Hanako finally reveals that his wish is for Nene to keep on living.
  • Nene, Shijima, Kou, and Mitsuba are returned to the real world with Hanako's assistance. The others are later returned when Nene destroys Shijima's yorishiro.

Return to the real world

  • Nene finds herself in the art room boundary, and finally meets the real Shijima. Mitsuba and Kou are shown to have landed in the entranceway.
  • After Nene destroys Shijima's yorishiro, everything goes back to normal from the morning. Shijima is looking at Mei's painting in the art room when Tsukasa finds her. Nene and Kou meet each other in front of the toilet before seeing Hanako, and Nene tells them that she has something to discuss.
    • Nene is shown having literature class just as they did in the false world, suggesting that it may (chronologically) be a repeat of the same day.

Additional notes

  • As noted above, it is assumed that Kamome Academy's school year and runs from April to March. This is consistent with the cherry blossoms seen during the flashback to when Mitsuba and Kou first meet in the classroom, implying that it is spring (Chapter 20).
  • Considering Teru is 17 (according to the Volume 2 extra) and in his second year of high school, it seems his birthday has already passed, suggesting that it is somewhere between April to June. Conversely, Kou is 14 and in his third year of middle school, so his birthday is likely later in the school year (until March).
  • Throughout the series, some references are made to known or expected future events, especially in the 4PM Bookstacks and Clock Keepers Arc. These include:
    • Among the future events Nene read in the 4PM Bookstacks, some have not yet occurred, especially her first date and subsequent breakup. Also, the table of contents of Nene's book list chapters for her second and third year of high school, as well as graduation (Chapter 11).
    • Hanako has promised to tell Nene everything someday, and she will be his assistant until then (Chapter 17).
    • Akane's contract as a Clock Keeper will end when they graduate (Chapter 25).
    • When Mirai turns Kou's time forward, Akane comments that Kou looks exactly like Teru, suggesting that Mirai had aged him around two years. Although the spirit staff is still sealed, Kou is able to create a lightning cage, although he cannot maintain it as long as Teru. Akane comments that it would have disappeared in 10 seconds (Chapter 26).
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