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Seven Wonders or Seven Mysteries (七不思議, Nanafushigi) is a common trope in Japanese schools consisting of supernatural stories and happenings in school. 

In the setting of Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun, Kamome Gakuen is one of the schools that has a set of 7 School Mysteries. Currently, the whereabouts of other schools' respective School Mysteries remain unknown, as there are no mentions of other schools other than Kamome Gakuen.

As of the New Present, it appears the Seven mysteries of Kamome Gakuen do not exist in this timeline, as blood sacrifices from girls of the Akane Bloodline are the method used to appease the supernaturals and keep the two Shores separated.


The Seven Mysteries of Kamome Gakuen are the seven most powerful and popular supernaturals in the school. In fact, they are so powerful, so as to be considered by Hyuuga Natsuhiko as "proxies to the gods"[1]. There are some implications that they had some kind of ties to The Entity which was the ancient God of the ancient village of Kamome, it's unknown for now if their bond is that they're proxies of it, acting as an similar force on the same side, or an enemy force that are against it, acting as guardians, keeping this supernatural under control to avoid it from causing disasters and catastrophes to Kamome like in the past.

Out of all Seven, Hanako is the 'boss'. He maintains balance in the relationship between supernaturals in the school and humans. However, Kako of the Clock Keepers also exhibits some leadership roles among the Seven Mysteries to an extent, and in some cases, his authority supersedes Hanako's, as he commanded Hanako to dispose of "the impostor" in Chapter 111. Additionally, if Akane Sumire is to be believed, then it was actually Nanamine Sakura who formed the Seven Mysteries as a whole. However, her interactions with most of the Seven Mysteries (Save for No.3 and No.4) remain unknown.

Each School Mystery is more powerful than normal supernaturals in the school, and owns a yorishiro. In fact, it is required that a School Mystery have a Yorishiro to distiguish them otherwise they are just as powerful as the common supernaturals and can be easily defeated by ordinary means. They respectively have total command over a physical domain, where their power is at its strongest. It is called a boundary, a place where each seven school mysteries are unbeatable at. It was also mentioned that in the boundary, no one can die or be born. In addition, they can serve to oversee an aspect within the school -- and it is noted No.1 controls "Time", No.2 controls "Space", and No.5 controls "Records or History", with the others' aspects remaining unknown.

Shijima Mei notes that the Seven Mysteries are unable to disconnect from their rumors, which create set rules that the supernaturals have to follow without fail. For example, No.5 is not allowed to change the futures written in the books, and No.4 is not allowed to stop drawing pictures. This also means that a skilled person with the right equipment and reach, such as the Broadcasting Club, can visually alter a School Mystery's rumor to their liking, much like they can with regular supernaturals.

It is rumored that if one is able to break all the mysteries' yorishiros, God will grant their wish. However, according to Sakura, doing so will end the World instead. This seems to be Yugi Tsukasa (Or rather, the Entity within him)'s very aim.

The Seven Mysteries[]

New Present[]

As of the New Present, the Seven Mysteries as a group possibly no longer exists. The individuals that made up this group are either alive (Yugi Amane, Shijima Mei, Mitsuba Sousuke), or supernatural entities that are unaffiliated with Kamome Gakuen in this manner.

There is also the possibility that what Teru concluded is wrong, and there actually is a set of Seven Mysteries, albeit performing different functions, and may comprise of wholly different supernaturals.


As the "proxies to the gods" as Natsuhiko calls them, the Seven Mysteries each represent and control a certain aspect of reality that seemingly ties Kamome Gakuen together. If any one of their aspects is disturbed, then either the one who tampered it, or worse, the school itself, will be affected by it in a negative way. For example:

  • When Yako was altered by the Broadcasting Club's rumors about her, she began to kidnap students who stepped on the 4th step in the Misaki Stairs, and then turning them into dolls if they failed to "create" her body.
  • When Nene read her book in the 4PM Bookstacks and then tried to read her future, it turned blood red and caused a large apparition of Nene to attack her.
  • And the worst one, in Chapter 105, when Natsuhiko's blood destroyed the Big Clock at The Sealed Auditorium, it caused the time within the school to be suspended for all eternity, and in fact, it took Kako and Mirai changing the timeline into the New Present by removing the Root of the Problem to undo what had happened.

So far, only No.1, No.2 and No.5's aspects were mentioned directly, with the aspects being tied to their role as well, as The Clock Keepers control time, Yako's boundary has doorways to many places, and the books in Tsuchigomori's boundary all have the information on all the students, past, present and future, as well as all their actions from birth to death. As for the rest, they are theorized and unofficial until they are described in an official capacity.

  • No.1: "Time"
  • No.2: "Space"
  • No.3: "Memories" or "Reflection"
  • No.4: "Creation and Imagination"
  • No.5: "Records"
  • No.6: "Life and Death"
  • No.7: Hanako's aspect seems to be a combination of all of them, since it's said that he's the most powerful among the Seven, and the leader, not to mention that his Yorishiro is Tsukasa, that has "The Entity" within him, which it's powers seems to easily transcend and control all the others aspects, and that Hanako shows to be able perfectly mimic this power. If there is a word to describe this aspect, then it may simply be "Wish"


Seven Mysteries

The Clock Keepers

The Misaki Stairs

Hell of Mirrors

Shijima-san of the Art Room

The 4PM Bookstacks

God of Death

Hanako-san of the Toilet



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