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Hanako-san or Hanako-san of the Toilet is a well known Japanese urban legend about a spirit of a young girl who haunts the girl's bathroom. The usual rumor about Hanako-san is that calling her name would cause her to appear and reply back. Some say that Hanako-san would grant a favour for the person who called out for her at a price.

However in Kamome Gakuen, Hanako-san, unlike the well-known version of the story, is a young boy instead of a young girl. Other than his gender, everything that the Kamome Gakuen's 7 mystery rumors say are true.

Hanako's rumor was told first, and is said to be the most famous one out of all seven. Although the Yen Press translation describes Hanako-san as a 'her', the Japanese version does not say anything about the ghost being a girl. The assumption of Hanako-san being a girl comes from the fact that he haunts the girl's toilet.

The aspect the Seventh School Mystery oversees in Kamome Academy is currently unknown.


The boundary of the Seventh School Mystery is said to be within the girl's toilet, but its appearance is still unknown.

The Yorishiro of Mystery No.7 is unknown.

The Rumor

七不思議の七番目 トイレの花子さん 旧校舎3階女子トイレの三番目 そこには花子さんが居て 呼び出した人の願いを叶えてくれる でも引き換えに何か大切なものを取られてしまうんだって 呼び出し方はノックを3回 それからー 「花子さん 花子さん」 「いらしゃいますか」

No.7 of the seven mysteriesー Hanako-san of the toilet. In the third stall from the end of the girl's bathroom on the third floor of the old building... ...You'll find Hanako-san. She will grant one wish to anyone who summons her spirit. But in exchange, that person will have to give up something precious. To summon the ghost, you knock three times... And thenー "Hanako-san Hanako-san." "Are you there?"

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