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The 4PM Bookstacks is the fifth of the Seven Mysteries. It is the third school mystery to be introduced in the series, making its debut in Volume 3.

The bookstacks have records of every student in Kamome Gakuen, from the past and even in the future. It is said that white books are for living people, and the black ones are for the deceased.

Upon entering the bookstacks, none of the rumored 'red books' can be found. But in the books, the future is marked with a red page. Nene was led by a butterfly to find her own book and read a bit of her future. After reading her future, the book turned red. A large figure that resembled her appears and stuck up to attack her.

The Fifth School Mystery oversees the "Records" aspect of Kamome Academy.


Hidden in the Kamome Academy's library and only accessible at 4 o'clock in the afternoon is the 4PM Bookstacks' boundary. The door to the bookstacks is revealed by touching the book the butterfly landed on.

The boundary is a long, narrow library decorated with floor-to-ceiling bookshelves and tall rock columns. The bookstacks is noticeably dark, with a few floating oil lamps illuminating the area. In the manga, there were glowing crystals as well. There are spiderwebs hanging from the ceiling.

The 4PM Bookstack's innermost reaches

The deepest part of the boundary is hidden behind a bookcase. After a long walk through a cavernous area, the innermost reaches can be accessed. It is a room filled with beautiful jewels placed upon books, in museum-esque displays. The yorishiro however, is hidden inside a school table, referencing its connection to the individual who inspired the object.

The Yorishiro of Mystery No.5 is a lunar rock.

The Rumor

五番目の七不思議 ”16時の書庫” この学園の図書館には 16時にだけ入れる特別な書庫がある 書庫にあるのは人の名前がついた本 書かれているのはその人が学園にいる間の記録 これまで何をしたのか これから何をするのか 過去も未来も全てが書かれているのですー でも・・・ もし”16時の書庫”に行くなら 気をつけなくちゃダメだよ 書庫には白 黒 赤の三種類の本があってね 白い本には生きてる人の記録が書いてあるの 黒い本はもう死んじゃった人の記録 その二つは大丈夫なんだけど・・・ 赤い本だけは 接待に読んじゃいけないんだって

School mystery number 5ー The 4PM bookstacks. In this school's library... ...There's a special storeroom you can only enter at 4pm. The room is full of books with people's names. Each of these books contains a record of that person's life at this school. What they did here, what they're going to do here. Past, present and futureー it's all written in the book...! But... If you do go to the 4PM bookstacks... ...You have to be careful. There are three kinds of books in the bookstacksー white, black, and red. The white ones have records of people who are alive. The black ones are records of people who have died. and those two kinds are okay... ...But the red books...! Those are the ones you should never ever read.

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