Current Representative of the Mystery

「美術実のシジマさん 」

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Shijima-san of the Art Room is the fourth of the School Mystery. It is the sixth school mystery to be introduced in the series, making its debut in Volume 9.

Shijima Mei is capable of creating picture worlds that reflect wishes deep within people's hearts. Once you've been pulled into her world, you'll have to follow her words or you'll remain trapped. The longer you stay in the fictional world, you'll slowly forget about your original life.

In order to escape, you'll have to find the main characters in the fictional world and kill them. In this case, Yugi Amane and Mitsuba Sousuke, as the world that was created revolves around them.

It is later revealed that there is an emergency escape within the world, usually placed in an area the main character will never be able to reach. The escape changes frequently, but at the time of the escape, it was placed within the moon, reflecting the desires of Hanako.

The aspect the Fourth School Mystery oversees in Kamome Academy is currently unknown.


The boundary is located in the Atelier tower, the same one that was drawn by Shijima Mei in her final painting. The painting itself is placed in the Kamome Academy's art room.

The Atelier tower is a tall structure with mismatched floors and winding stairways. On the lower levels, there appears to be a museum used to showcase Shijima's artworks. On the penthouse is studio the School Mystery uses to create paintings, filled with art equipment. There is a balcony overlooking the world inside the painting.

The Yorishiro of Mystery No.4 is a sketchbook.

The Rumor

ーこんな噂知ってますか? 美術実のシジマさん 彼女はとても絵が上手な女の子 だけど 絵の道に進むことを家族に反対されたから 描けなくなる その前に・・・ 自殺しちゃったんだって それでね 美術室には今でも彼女の霊がー

Do you know this rumor? Shijima Mei is a girl who is very good at painting. She died. Her spirit is still in the art room.

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