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Misaki Stair is the second of the Seven Mysteries. It is the second school mystery to be introduced in the series, making its debut in Volume 1.

The rumor describes a world that can be entered by stepping on the fourth step of the stairs. The story goes that once you enter this world, your body will be torn into pieces. During twilight, you can see the blood of the victims dripping from the fourth step of the stair.

In reality, you will not be immediately torn to shreds. Upon entering her domain, she asks the victim to find her human parts. Which she uses to build a 'Misaki'. If the final result of the body fails to operate, she attacks the victim and turns them into dolls.

These actions, however, was done due to someone changing her rumor. Supernaturals cannot go against their rumor. From the end of volume 1 up until the beginning of volume 2, Hanako, Nene, and Kou investigate the Misaki Stairs. Hanako then temporarily takes away her position as the 2nd mystery to prevent her from going out of control.

After Nene's altered the Misaki Stairs' rumor, the staircase has been transformed into a haven for Kamome Academy's couples, much to Yako's annoyance.

The Second School Mystery oversees the "Space" aspect of Kamome Academy.


Her boundary has a long winding stairway extending to the sky through shrine gates and buildings. There are shrine gates blocking the way, which can only be opened by placing the requested item into a nearby box. There is an hourglass near the gate, counting down the time you have left to fulfil the task before being attacked by a pair of giant hair shears.

Misaki Stair's innermost reaches

The innermost reaches of the boundary is not at the top of the stairs but at the bottom. It can be accessed by jumping off the edge of the boundary and being carried by the water currents.

The area is a peaceful forest walk to a shrine with a long stairway. Past the shrine gates are school tables with Yako's past workbook, from when she studied under Misaki. The area is modelled after the shrine she used to reside, and where she met Misaki. Her Yorishiro can be found hidden inside the shrine.

After Yako was removed from her seat as a School Mystery, the boundary was left abandoned. The scenery became overgrown with spider lilies. Yako is still able to access it to enter other School Mysteries' boundaries by walking up the flight of stairs.

The Yorishiro of Mystery No.2 is a pair of scissors.

The Rumor

あなたは知っていますか その階段の破ってはいけない"決まり"のこと その階段の4段目は決して踏んではいけません なぜなら ”あちら”に連れて行かれてしまうから

...Have you heard? There is a rule regarding that staircase that you must never break. You must never set foot on the fourth step. Why? Because... will be taken to the other side.

The greatest romance♡power spot The Misaki Stairs!! That place is the perfect spot for couples in love! Any couple who climbs the entire length of the staircase while holding hands and professing their love may be bound together forever!♥ But you mustn't step on the fourth step! Or your love will be severed for all eternity...

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