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I've always wanted to talk to you. You see... you and I... we're in the same position. I think we could be good friends.
— Sakura talking to Nene at the tea party, Chapter 21, Volume 5

Nanamine Sakura (七峰桜) is a antagonist in the series. She is a 3rd-year student at Kamome Academy's High School division. She made a contract with Tsukasa and is now bound to him as his assistant. She is a member of the school's Broadcasting Club.


Sakura has green hair styled in an asymmetrical bob cut with very short bangs. She has two pieces of hair left in front of her ears to frame her face, and two more long sections that extend to her chest. She also has two braids that extend from the crown of her head down to her ears. Her eyes are green with yellow flecks. She has notable eyelashes and always has her eyes half-closed, giving her a somewhat drowsy or disinterested look.

She wears the school uniform with a red gem brooch above the front bow. Unlike Nene's uniform, Sakura's is long-sleeved. She wears yellow stockings with brown stripes and garters. In the anime, her socks are brown and lack garters.

Sakura is noted to be quite beautiful, mainly by Nene. She is said to have a doll like appearance. Sakura also appears to be quite slender and seems to be taller than Nene.

Interestingly, both of girls share aesthetic similarities, like their short bangs, brooches, and irregular stockings.



Sakura seems to be an aloof person, and as such does not show much emotion. She rarely changes expressions from her usual deadpan appearance, although she does break this trend in order to smile during her first meeting with Nene and when she becomes annoyed with Natsuhiko and Tsukasa. For the most part she seems to deal with her involvement in the supernatural by simply detaching her emotions from it, for example thinking of Tsukasa as little more than a cat. She finds many of Tsukasa's actions distasteful, but has to listen to them regardless.

She enjoys Yashiro Nene's company and treats her with hospitality and kindness, but is also willing to double cross her at Tsukasa's behest, indicating she may not be terribly honest. While she may legitimately desire Nene's friendship, she also seems to keep herself distant in order to carry out Tsukasa's requests.


Contract-bound to Tsukasa

It is unclear currently what favor she gained by being in a contract with Tsukasa.

By association with Tsukasa, she is able to see other supernatural beings. In addition, she is able to communicate with kokujoudai as it brings back results or information to her.


  • Her favorite snack is rakugan.[1]
  • Her latest concern is that Natsuhiko has been annoying her.[1]
  • Her preferred type is Fukuzawa Yukichi (the person featured on the ¥10000 note).[2]
  • The 七 in Nanamine means seven.
  • The 桜 in Sakura means cherry blossom.
  • She is unconcerned about lightning and will only see it as the day's forecast.[3]



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