Kodama is known as the Confession Tree and is a supernatural that only appears in front of couples and brings all love confessed below it to fruition.


Residing in Kamome Academy's practice garden, Kodama appears just like a normal, large-sized tree at first glance, but upon provocation, it reveals itself to have a human-like face on its trunk, and it can freely move its branches as if they were its "arms".

It was revealed that Kodama only grew to reach that size from the power of students' rumors, and after Hanako defeated it, Kodama was left with a "broccoli-like" appearance, and dramatically smaller in size, its height reaching no more than an average human's ankle. Its face also moved onto the tree's crown instead of the trunk, and it seems to not have the ability to move its branches anymore.

After it was weakened, the now-tiny Kodama was moved into a small pot.


Kodama is rather arrogant, as it proudly brags about its successes in bringing together any couple who confesses under it. It also wholly believes that love will lead people to happiness and that it has done nothing wrong in spreading love, even if it was forced.

It is also easily offended, and quickly resorts to forceful actions, as seen when it immediately reveals its true form when Nene pretends to reject Hanako and promptly attacks them when Nene remarks negatively about its appearance.



Kodama is able to force feelings of love to bloom in any couple that confesses under it, regardless of whether the parties involved wanted it or not.


  • It is likely that Kodama is a reference to the Kodama spirits from Japanese folklore.


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