Toilet-bound Hanako-kun-The Musical- ( () (ばく) (しょう) (ねん) (はな) () くん-The Musical- Jibaku Shōnen Hanako-kun -The Musical-?), is a stage adaptation of the Manga Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun.[1]

Ticket Information

The dates for the musical were January 22nd to January 31st of 2021. The show was held at two different locations in Japan: Cool Japan Park Osaka TT Hall in Osaka and Theater-G Rosso in Tokyo. Visitors were able to submit a ticket reservation using the website link embed in the official musical's Twitter tweet.[2]



  • Original Work: Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun by AidaIro
  • Director: Yoshitani Koutarou
  • Screenplay & Lyrics: Asai Sayaka
  • Music: tak
  • Music Director: Mizuno Rika
  • Choreography: MAMORU
  • Action Director: Okuzumi Hideaki
  • Art: Chiho Tsunoda
  • Lighting: Katou Manabu
  • Sound: Yuuki Toda
  • Costume: Noumoto Miki


(Please note that this is an unofficial translation of the synopsis from the official website.)[3]
Yashiro Nene, a first-year high school student at Kamome Gakuen who loves occult and fortune-telling, heard a rumor that was being passed around the school.

"Hanako-san of the Toilet" will grant your wish in exchange for a price.

Nene, who had the desire for her wish to come true, summons Hanako in the girl's bathroom of the old school building.

But what appeared was a boy's ghost?!!

From that day on, Nene became an assistant to Hanako-kun, who is also part of the Seven Mysteries, instead of the rumored Hanako-san of the girl's bathroom.
With the addition of Minamoto Kou, a boy from an exorcist family vowing to exorcise Hanako, will the three confront the mysteries hidden within the school?!!

Is it possible to solve all the incidents that occurs within Kamome Gakuen?











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