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Yeaah... She's like this sometimes. She's oddly hard on me, I guess? Like... She's especially rough with me. Special treatment... Just for me... Could it be love...?
— Natsuhiko reflecting on Sakura's cold attitude towards him, Chapter 21, Volume 5

Hyuuga Natsuhiko (日向夏彦) is a 2nd year at Kamome Academy's High School division. He is a member of the school's Broadcasting Club.


Natsuhiko is a tall boy with short, messy red and black hair styled into an undercut. He has grey eyes. He is considered quite good-looking, as noted by Yashiro Nene.

He wears the usual Kamome Academy High School boy's uniform. His uniform shirt is unbuttoned and has its sleeves rolled up to reveal a teal, long-sleeved t-shirt. He also wears a germanium necklace with a red cord, that was a present from Sakura[1], and a black sports necklace.


Natsuhiko is a seemingly shallow individual, although he is not unfriendly. His motives are rather dubious, and it appears that he works with Tsukasa and Sakura simply because he has a crush on Sakura. He was willing to trick Nene and put her in potential danger but doesn't seem to have any ill will towards her.

He is rather reckless and perhaps not too bright, as seen during his attempt to escape with Nene back to the regular world. Despite having been partially responsible for bringing Nene into the situation, he also tried to help her escape and opened each door so that she wouldn't put herself in danger. When he was unable to continue himself, he encouraged her to continue.

He is loyal, or perhaps obsessive, to a fault, since he continues to have a crush on and pursue Sakura ⁠— despite her outwardly cold demeanor — and becomes excited by her minimal attention, even if it's negative. Natsuhiko holds no grudges when treated poorly and is willing to get into trouble to save his friends. This can be seen when he risked a confrontation with Teru to get Mitsuba out of danger.


  • His favorite snack is black soybean senbei (a type of rice cracker).[2]
  • His latest concern is that Tsukasa has been annoying.[2]
  • His preferred type is Sakura.[3]
  • His hobbies include fishing and karaoke.[4]
    • When he goes fishing, he catches mullets. He says sometimes he catches things that aren't fish, like girls.[1]
  • He is especially good at singing and dancing to idol songs.[1]
  • He works out.[1]
  • In Episode 9, his phone is black with a red design called an onsen 温泉 (hot spring?). It was widely-used as a symbol for hot spring baths before it was slightly changed.
  • He gets startled by lightning.[5]


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