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Humans don't possess many qualities other than being inherently exorcists, being close to the Far Shore, or given a supernatural identity through their roles. As the manga progresses, it is later learned that some normal humans can still interfere with the Far Shore.


  • Aside from the ones mentioned below, normal humans can be affected by supernatural means through various ways. They are highly vulnerable to any of the supernatural's rumors who had debuted in the manga.


  • After Nene's destiny was revealed that she was destined to die within the next year, Shijima confirms that her close death's day has the result of being able to see supernaturals and gain such powers (eg. the ability to unseal yorishiros and interact with them).
  • Akane is a case where a human can become pseudo-supernatural because they are given a possession and a duty to fulfill. Because he is tasked with being No. 1 of the School Wonders until he would graduate from Kamome Gakuen, he can utilize his Clock Keeper powers of freezing time and being able to interact with supernaturals vice versa. He is also given increased strength and speed, in addition to a Clock Keeper uniform. Although his Clock Keeper appearance is not supposed to be seen by humans, he became surprised when Aoi could see him.
  • Aoi is the best friend of Nene, and her reputation was comprised of telling rumors and having a popularity status. However, in Chapter 61 of the manga, she was told by No.6 that she had the blood of the Kannagi needed for sacrifice. She was unable to see supernaturals before this incident.
  • Sakura and Natushiko are able to see Tsukasa, though the reason remains unknown.
  • Misaki and Akane Sumire were two cases where they were deeply involved with supernaturals. Misaki's teaching and companionship influenced Yako since she was a child, and he was able to feel and see her despite Yako being disguised as an inari fox statue.
    Sumire, as a child, could see No. 6. No. 6 explains that he was her caretaker due to his master's orders, yet he took no notice of her growing affection towards him as they grew older.
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