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Dear My Living Dead (愛しのリビングデッド Itoshino Ribingu Deddo?) is a one-shot manga originally released in GFantasy's November 2013 issue.[1] It was later included in Volume 0 of Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun alongside the latter's pilot chapters. The plots of the two series are not directly affiliated.

Plot Summary

Dear My Living Dead features a post-apocalyptic world, debuting two necromancers, Cult and Lilia. The world is swarmed with the living dead, which are corpses that have been affected by an unknown curse. In order to combat this, the church employs people who wield powers to defeat these evil creatures. These people are signified by a distinct seal on their body that appears when they're around five years old.

However, the seal has the ability to fade or disappear over time depending on the permanence, resulting in loss of powers. For those who have permanent seals, they have powers to utilize their strength and form contracts with lesser living dead such as deceased animals.





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