Encounter ( (そう) (ぐう) Sōgū?) is the seventy-fifth chapter of Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun by AidaIro.


Kou and Yashiro leave Mitsuba's house with a bag full of pictures. Yashiro talks to Kou about one of the pictures. That particular picture was apparently just a picture of blackness, but slowly changed to depict a scary looking house. The house was very old and in a western style. Kou and Yashiro start to talk about Mitsuba, but Teru interrupts them with a call and explains the house in the picture. Teru tells Kou and Yashiro that the house is called "The Red House". "The Red House" is a cursed house that kills anyone who enters it. Around 50 years ago, a family of four was murdered inside that house. Teru warns them not to enter the house, Yashiro and Kou listen to Teru but change their minds when they hear a little kid crying for help inside the house. After they enter the house they start to hear a conversation. Suddenly, they hear a noise through one of the doors. There seems to be the voice of a young child. The child starts to talk to Nene and Kou. He asks them if they still have all of their body parts. After Kou and Nene confirm that they do, indeed have all of their body parts, the child opens the door and asks "What should we play?" The child is a young boy who holds an uncanny likeliness to Hanako and Tsukasa when they were younger.

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  • There was a photo of an old home that was called the Red House. When Nene and Kou were near to the Red House, they heard a child's voice and entered the house to investigate, later hearing two kids having a conversation in one of the rooms, the door creaks open revealing a kid.


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