The Broadcasting Club of Kamome Gakuen officially has only two members. The room it resides in is haunted by Yugi Tsukasa. It also refers to a group of people causing Nene and the others repeatedly trouble.

The room where they hold the broadcasting club is directly connected to the school's PR system, and is able to be broadcast anywhere inside and outside the school. This is efficient to spread rumors to as many students as possible. In this case, Sakura's voice was heard when introducing the Yousei-san rumor, one of the first changed rumors in the manga and anime.

The broadcasting room is located at a secluded place supposedly in the basement of the school, where a door saying Keep Out is seen under dim light.


Official Members

Additional Members


  • They are responsible for changing the rumors due to Tsukasa's motivation and Sakura's ideas. They mainly communicate through a retro audio machine with a tuning button, especially when they are far-distance.
  • They held a welcome party for Mitsuba Sousuke when he officially became a member and No.3.
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